XYZ Da Vinci 3D Printer Filament Cartridge Counter Resetter - 240M

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Each unit is checked and tested on a da vinci duo 2.0, or a 1.0 and a PRO printer before it gets shipped, so I know that every unit works, I have reset the same cartridges many many times and they still work perfectly. Just look at the feedback from my genuine customers.

Each unit is checked and tested on a da vinci duo, pro and 1.0a printer before it gets shipped, so I know that every unit works, I have reset the same cartridges over 300 times and they still work perfectly. Batteries supplied cr2032.  

Resets to 240 meters

1. Turn off your printer
2. Remove the cartridge
3. Place the cartridge on the resetter
4. Switch button to on position
5. The led will flash then stay on for a second
6. Switch button off
7. Job done

Model                             firmware
Da vinci 1.0                   1.1.G, 1.1.I, 1.1.J , 1.1.3 and the latest

Da vinci 1.0a                1.0.1, 1.0.3, 1.0.5, 1.0.6* 1.2.2 and the latest

Da vinci duo 2.0         2.0.J and the latest

Da vinci aio                 1.1.1, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 1.1.5 1.1.6 and the latest

Da vinci 1.1 plus and software up to and the latest

Sorry, this resetter does not... Work on a junior or a mini..... but you can buy a junior resetter here .......

Hotend Temp 210c

Heated Bed Temp 90c

Does set pla cartridge, but I use abs settings for my pla reels and I get perfect prints.

I build these from scratch so it takes a day or three to get it done, with other printing jobs in line.

Parts are 3d printed using a da vinci 3d duo printer, da vinci pro or da vinci 1.0a

Colour selection on the slicer software might stay the same as original cartridge

Colour of unit supplied may be different to picture.....

(the design may change, but it will do the same job, trying to streamline the build process)

This item is handmade to order, it is tested before I post,

Postage details
I will only send this signed for, I know it cost alot for eu but if it gets lost ebay make me pay for it sorry for the extra expense.

Watch the video on my YouTube channel xyz3dprinting to demonstrate how quick the process is, goto youtube and copy this title and paste into youtube,

"Xyz da vinci 3d printer filament cartridge counter resetter reset tool new 240m"

You will also find some usefull turorials for begginers of 3d printing.

XYZ Da Vinci 3D Printer 1.0 Junior NFC Filament Resetter

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XYZ Da Vinci NFC Tag Resetter Re-Writer for Da Vinci 1.0 Junior

You can downgrade the firmware of your 3d printer, by going to my website and follow the instructions on page "da Vinci Firmware Downgrade"

Replacement tags can be bought here:

The Resetter is easy to use,

Only up to firmware 2.4.6 no later.   

  1. Download the NTAG Software
  2. Run the NTAG213.exe as Administrator
  3. Plugin the Resetter with a USB cable to your PC
  4. Click the connect button on the top left
  5. Place the NEW NTAG on the Resetter
  6. Click the button “Get Card Details”
  7. UID Number will appear in the empty block
  8. Now click “Set Card Details” TAB
  9. Choose preferences and click “Set Data”
  10. Turn off printer
  11. Insert TAG
  12. Turn on printer

Software download link

Items Supplied

3 Tags ( 1 preset to 300m-210c ) x2 blank tags

1 Tag holder

1 Reset tool