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Xyzware 3d Printing Rafts and Brim’s Video 5


Hey there welcome back to XYZ 3d printer, on tutorials for XYZware. Today we’re gonna talk about rafts, and what do they mean not a raft, like you’re floating down a river but, something similar.

Right! a raft now this is a lid for a ramps electronics box and the orientation is correct to print as you can see, so we don’t need to go over that again but because it’s a lid this side of the print is going to be visible, and because it’s visible I would not want to add a raft to this! I’m going to slice it and show you what happens when you add a raft onto a part that you want people to see, so let’s go to the slicer. so we’ll take supports off because that doesn’t need any supports and we’re gonna click add a raft we’re not too concerned with all of these settings because we’re just discussing or after today so let’s see what happens when we slice it.

So as you can see XYZware his sliced it and turned it into g-code and this is what it looks like it, has actually added these really thick lines underneath your print and so what will happen is when the prints finished you will need to remove all of these lines either with a knife or some kind of tool, and what that will mean is that it’ll leave all these horrible looking lines on this print so that would be no good for an area that you want to be visible to the eye, so I would not add a raft to this side of a print that needs to be visible.

So what are your options well there are a couple of things with this print for example this print doesn’t really require a raft or a brim because it has a really large surface area and it should be okay, but if you decided you did want a better adhesion area I would definitely just go with the brim let’s set it up for a new workspace.

We will now bring the same part in and we’ll discuss this part with a brim. Right so because this part is the top of a box and it’s going to be visible we need to try and make it look really smooth, provided your print surface area is clean and you have a nice even layer of glue. let’s go to our prints them now we’ll just select brim and as you know you can select the size of the brim that you want around your STL or part, let’s go for 15 and slice.

So now as you can see from this, the XYZ way has added a 15-millimetre brim around your print, and this will give it a much better adhesion to help prevent lifting of corners.

And that’s it for today thank you for watching,

See you again soon.

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