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Cutting large stl files to fit on your 3d printer using Meshmixer Tutorial Video 6

Hey there welcome back to XYZ 3d printing tutorials. Today we’re going to discuss cutting an STL file that’s too large to print on your printer. We’re going to do this by using a program called mesh mixer.

So go into your favourite browser type in, mesh mixer, let it download, select your operating system and install the program.

Right here is the mesh mixer interface, we will import the model we are going to cut, as you can see I have a four hundred millimetre Groot. Let’s wait for it to generate a mesh of the STL. As you can see it’s quite a large Groot.

Let me just first tell you how am I turning this image around I’m clicking and holding the right mouse button, that will give you the panning movement of your camera, to zoom in and just use the wheel mouse in and out, simple! Right.

So now we’re gonna cut this it’s 400 millimetres that most printers can do a 200-millimetre tall cut. So how are we gonna do this?  We’ll go to this little block (on the left called edit) edit, go to plane cut, as you can see it’s automatically selected the centre of the STL file to cut that’s fine, normally here you could just carry on and cut it, but what  if you wanted to change the cut, I’ll just show you a few steps, of how you can change your cutting angles, so let’s say if we click the green we can move the mesh that way we’ll just by playing on the arrows we could say oh I want to cut it that way and as you can see it moves in 1 3 4 7 the degrees move in small increments but if you just move it out a little bit you can see it’ll move in 5 so you can then get an exact angle so you can change that angle like that then back to zero…

Let’s see what else can we do we can move it up, so if you had a taller printer or if you just wanted to cut the body, so this is something that you guys can play with umm, this is up to you entirely where you want to cut the object. Umm let’s go back, I’ll just go to back with control Z, so we right let’s go back to plane cut.

So now that I have a cut perfect in the centre we’re going to go to this little panel over here and the top left, now obviously we don’t want to cut and discard half so what I slice and keep both it sounds like a plan!

Let’s keep the top half and the bottom half, and we want to select this remeshed fill, so it will it’ll make it so you could glue it together that kind of thing. So let’s click except,  you still can’t see anything, so what we have to do now is we have to go to separate shells, and it’s cut this into four pieces, that’s because it’s selected the centre.

So now we can select the parts that we want to cut, right so you’ve seen what I’ve done there now we’ll just go to file and we’ll click export, and let’s say Groot one cut and I’ll save it an STL AXI format save. Click on this leg so I’ll just click file export, there are other options that you can do but generally, you want to do this one here not a binary format, so I’ll just say Groot to cut, that’s good enough for me. And this will be my Groot 3 cut, export Groot 3 cut and save. And as simple as that, right let’s close this program so let’s save Groot file cut, okay!

So here are our three files now let’s go to your XYZ ware, or just for this case I’ll use simplify 3d, you may not have this, but by now you already know how to use your XYZ ware, if not, you can drop us a line if there is something you want to know and I’ll be happy to make a video and show you.

But let’s have a look at what happened to the leg, dragging the leg in, okay it’s not the leg it’s the body and there we go, perfectly cut it’s a hollow unit and now I can just slice it and print as normal. Let’s remove that and have a look at how the legs cut?

There we go… and cut three. Simple, let’s add them all together, and we’ll just click centre and arrange so here I can actually print the whole Groot, one shot no supports needed if you know, and that’s it simple as that’s how to cut a large object for printing.

Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the

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