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Xyzware JOG MODE Moving the print bed and the head Video 7

Hey there welcome back to XYZ tutorials. Today I’m going to show you how to control the bed in your XYZ printer. First, if your bed is maybe in the middle of nowhere and you just want to get it up or down or you want to move your extruder left or right, the only way to do this is first, go into your menu, click utilities and you have two home axes first. You’ll see, now the bed will go to the top.

Now your menu will show this (ok), so we can now click (ok). So now you want to go to jog, mode, you can see that jog mode, and we will click ok. So let’s say we want to move the bed, which is z you’re gonna click z, and so we could select by how much  we want to move it up or down, so first select one millimetre so that you can make sure you get the correct direction, you don’t want to smash the bed into the nozzle.
so we select 1 and then we’ll play with the plus or the minus is that side or that side we’ll see which way the bed goes, so I’m gonna go one millimetre, minus, and what happens the bed went up so obviously that’s not the correct way, you want to go plus, which will add a distance from the nozzle to the bed, so now we go plus and you’ll see that its moving down.
Now I’m gonna select, we go to this down arrow here, and select down, I’ll go plus 10, and there we go. Now just by continuously pushing the button, I can move the bed down.
Ok so let’s go back up, click okay, now let’s go to the Y, as you know y-axis, the y-axis is the nozzle moving backwards and forwards ( front to back) that way, so let’s go there, and again, just test it with a small amount, one millimeter, click the minus and it doesn’t go, so click forward, now it’s moving towards us, so I will click a 10 or even a 20 millimetre, let’s see how the bed moves.
Now click okay, now X moves your head that way (left to right), so let’s see which way is that, so let’s plus, so there we go, the plus moves it over to the left.
And as you can see pressing the plus here. So the point is that you can’t use the jog mode unless you’ve firstly homed all the axes, and that’s so that the printer knows where the head is, only after that can it do the calculations of where you going to move it to, so that’s how you move the platform or the head on your DaVinci

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