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Xyzware Tutorial Orientation Object Video 1

Hey there welcome to XYZ 3d printing the place where questions can be asked and answered hopefully by myself or other members. Recently I’ve been asked a few questions from our Facebook group and one of the questions was how to change the orientation of an STL file? Well I know it sounds pretty easy especially for those of us who have been around the block a few times with XYZ way or any other slicing software, but for somebody who’s just got a new printer they wouldn’t know where to begin, so hopefully this video will help them get started. The first thing you want to do is choose a file or create a file, but let’s say you’ve chosen a file from Thingiverse and you’ve downloaded the file,
And now you want to print it. So you can simply do this by clicking on the file that you’ve downloaded and dragging it into the xyzware like that so. This little part that I’ve downloaded is definitely laying the wrong way and to get a decent print now in my mind the best way definitely to print this part would be to have it sitting with its face on the bed. So your question is how do we do that? Well, there’s nothing here now so, what’s going on okay to bring up the menu click on the object now to change the orientation you can just go to this rotate button over here and here you can see you can change the x y and the z angles or in degrees but you may not know because you just started out which is the x all the while does he axes don’t worry about that let’s just play around with them and see what happens. There are two ways you can do this, you can go in there and type in a number and that’s great you could see it’s moved the object but it’s still not sitting the way we’d like to print, so let’s take that out so we know that moving the z-axis isn’t going to help the situation, well let’s have a look at what happens when you’re going to the y-axis, but there’s another way you can do this you can just simply click in there and you can start to play around with that and you can see well that little object is just turning around so it’s definitely not the y-axis, so let’s put that back to there. So we obviously need to turn this on the x-axis and we can do this by saying either we want to flip this object 90 degrees oh it’s 90 degrees the wrong way that’s fine we can now go 270 degrees and there we have it we have now just changed the orientation of this object.
Hope this little video helps, with this part of the XYZ way a tutorial
Thank you