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NFC Resetter

XYZ Da Vinci NFC Tag Resetter Re-Writer

XYZ Da Vinci NFC Tag Resetter Re-Writer for Da Vinci 1.0 Junior. Reset your Da Vinci 3d junior printer NFC chip with this filament chip resetter and save hundreds of pounds on XYZ 3d printer filamen

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The Resetter is easy to use,

Only up to firmware 2.4.6 no later.

  1. Download the NTAG Software
  2. Run the NTAG213.exe as Administrator
  3. Plugin the Resetter with the USB to your PC
  4. Click the connect button on the top left
  5. Place the NEW NTAG on the Resetter
  6. Click the button “Get Card Details”
  7. UID Number will appear in the empty block
  8. Now click “Set Card Details” TAB
  9. Choose preferences and click “Set Data”
  10. Turn off printer
  11. Insert TAG
  12. Turn on printer

Download Reset Software.

software download for da vinci junior 3d printer nfc resetter